Friday, June 29, 2012

Belated Birthday

invite1[1] invite2[1]

I realized that I have still not posted about the birthday party I threw for myself a few weeks ago. I was waiting on pictures that I’m not sure will ever be coming my way so I guess now is as good a time as any to post about it (in the hub-bub of everything I didn’t take my own camera out so I only have a few from my sister and a friend’s phone). photo (2)

I decided I wanted to do a 1920s/Speakeasy themed part because I turned 25 and that, my friends, is the number right smack dab in the middle of all the twenties and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a roaring twenties party- In my twenties and going strong!

I made a dress and head scarf/hat thing, researched some era appropriate cocktails (and found non-alcoholic substitutes for the alcohol parts), as well as popular 1920s food (my birthday cake was a pineapple upside-down cake, we also had macaroni ‘n cheese, and deviled eggs to name a few), phrases, and games (ie- a crossword puzzle with 25 things about me, poker, pool) and then set about putting it all together. I even found a magazine from an antique store, in pristine condition, that was published in 1920!

My original plan was to have the party outside in Bradford’s parents’ backyard, with a couch and chairs and a table with a lamp, to look like a room inside but out (got that?). However, it was windier than any wind I have ever experienced in Utah so, much to my dismay, We held it indoors instead, which ended up being just fine.

Bradford found some great 20s music that we played and we even watched a silent film! The Artist. It came out last year and Bradford and I both loved it when we saw it and it was perfect for the theme.

imagejpeg_2_4photo (3) 

I collected glass martini glasses for a few months so that they could be used at the party and taken home as souvenirs. Not many did though, so I now have a box in my car ready for Good Will… anyone want some?

imagejpeg_2_5The morning of the party Bradford woke up really sick and could barely move most of the day so I had to kick it in to hyper drive to try get all the food made and decorations up before guests arrived. I had to cut out a few things, and didn’t get all the decor out that I wanted but it is what it is. Thankfully Bradford’s mom came and helped me towards the end and my sister Caitlin and her fiance, Neil, saved me by getting some last minute things I had forgotten (Ice. Duh Julie, you need ice for mocktails.)

Bradford did help before the actual day of the party, though (he actually put all the bulbs in my stringed lights for me too, while lying on the couch sick, poor guy). He was in charge of a few things including getting the invitations out to everyone. He asked them all to dress up, which just about everyone did and it was awesome. He even added a password to the invite in true speakeasy style!

Overall it turned out pretty well. Not quite as fantastic as I imagined in my head (when does it ever?) but everyone seemed to enjoy it and that’s good enough for me!   

photo Yup. Charlie was there too. And you bet I put him in his bowtie.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Funny Face, I Love You

So here’s the thing: between me and Jarron and Olivia, our friends we went to Italy with, I have around 1600 pictures from the trip. Yowza.

As I was searching through them, trying to figure out how to best tackle posting about our vacation without overwhelmingly long, picture-logged, posts I came across a few gems and got distracted.


If none of you have ever met Bradford, these pictures will give you a good idea of the type of character he is. Golly, I love these photos.B2

In all fairness, some of these were not intentional. Some are mere bad timing in taking the pictures than purely Bradford showing his true colors.


Either way, I love them. He is such a fun-loving soul.

AND, so Bradford doesn’t feel alone in the crazy face department, here’s one of me in my ever shining loveliness:


He’s in good company I guess.



I’ll really post about Italy soon. Ish. As soon as I figure out how the heck to break it down for you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sky is Falling

Last week, Tuesday I think it was, I walked into work and this is what I saw:


Apparently during the night, a water line burst up on the fifth floor and exploded down to each floor below on the south side of our office building. This suite is on the second floor. Our waiting room, front desk area, and two of our exams rooms were completely wrecked. And we were one of the lucky ones.

When I walked into the office I began investigating. While dodging the soggy ceiling tiles that were still dropping periodically, as well as avoiding the puddles all over the carpets,  I soon discovered that my work area, a nook near the back of the office, was virtually the only space untouched by the calamity. Rats.

I was looking forward to maybe getting out of work for a bit while the space got cleaned up. No such luck.


I did, however, get to sit all alone in the office for the rest of the week while everyone else crammed into our office on the 4th floor to continue their work. My only company was the ridiculously loud fans drying the carpet and the occasional construction worker coming to pull out the damaged ceiling tiles.

I think I may have a fungus growing in my sinuses after sitting in a damp, smelly, office all week. Maybe I’ll have a few days off work after all. Sick days anyway.


Think I can get that covered by Worker’s Comp?       

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sir Campsalot

I have been wanting to go camping for a while (I’ve been craving a solid dose of nature lately) so last Friday, my birthday, I convinced Bradford to come with me and away we went.
Bradford called his dad to get an idea for a good, not-too-far-away, cheap (ie-free), campsite. After their conversation, we settled on West Desert.

The drive was lovely and after exploring a few options we finally settled in to our CIMG2832chosen campsite. We were really glad that it was so remote. Even with all the motorists enjoying the hills, our site was quiet and undisturbed.

We brought hotdogs to roast over the fire for dinner, chips and salsa, makings for s’mores, popcorn, and bagels for breakfast (though we ended up eating s’mores and hotdogs again in the morning, too. Yum!). 

We talked, played some cards, ate a bunch of food, and enjoyed being outside. It was a lot of relaxing fun. I don’t think Bradford will want to play Go Fish or Slap Jack with me any time too soon though, I beat him just about every game. I’m just too good at games that depend on random luck, apparently.

One of the many things I like about Bradford is that he too likes to camp. He also enjoys minimalist camping. Especially just for overnight camping jaunts, I hate packing a ton of stuff and hauling a bunch of things we may/may not use. I love that he likes to keep it simple. We sat on rocks, used the cardboard box that carried our firewood as a table, and roasted our hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks we found in the wild (which proved to be a bit of a challenge- not too many real trees out there in the desert).


We initially planned to just sleep outside in the wide open, me in my sleeping bag and him in/on a bunch of blankets (though his sleeping arrangements were more lack of planning than pure minimalism). Our campsite, however, had a lot of “burrow” looking holes around it and I was soon convinced that I would wake up with a snake snuggled next to my face. Luckily for my face, I have a tent that I always keep in my car (thanks to very limited closet space in my apartment, my car has become an extra storage facility), so we set it up and slept in that instead. Good thing, too. We heard more than one critter scuttling around during the night. We even tried to catch a glimpse of a few by shining our flashlight through the mesh tent window which, in actuality, probably just scared them off.

I love camping and hope to do a lot more of it this summer.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Quarter Century

Today is my birthday.

I am 25 years young.

Some of my friends told me they felt “old” turning 25 but I don’t feel it.

Does that mean I’m immature?

Or maybe I’m just young at heart?

I’ll claim the latter.

Maybe it’s because I still look 16. That might be part of it.

I bet I’ll love that when I’m 40!


Here’s to another year. Let it bring what it may.

Just please don’t do me in…

Happy Birthday!










picture taken at my 1920s themed birthday party last Saturday. Hopefully I will get more pictures of it soon. Then I will do a full post about it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mother Earth is my Home Girl

CIMG2756I was driving to work this morning and I remembered: I LOVE outside.

It was a beautiful morning, warm, sunny, everything was green and glowing from the early sun. I loved it. Being outside (especially in the summer time) is like medicine for my psyche. I love it. It makes me want to quit my job, pack up Charlie, and go play in a field all day.

A few Sundays ago Bradford and I drove up Butterfield Canyon. He had run up it the previous day with his brother and thought it was a really pretty area and wanted to take me up to see it too. It was a beautiful drive. And I am so glad that Bradford didn’t expect me to run up it also.

At the top of the mountain you can over look a few of the counties as well as get a pretty neat view inside the Bingham Copper Mine.

CIMG2767 CIMG2748 CIMG2749 CIMG2750 CIMG2753 CIMG2755

There is a little bit of a hippie in me. It surfaces in a few areas of my life and being outside is definitely one of those. I very much believe that there is a connection between nature and our souls. Maybe it’s the trace amount of American Indian in my blood?

It probably has something (or everything) to do with sensing the majesty of all the beauty around me, in the trees, the sky, the landscapes… it makes me feel like I must be pretty amazing too, seeing how I was created by the same hands that made all this. Not often enough do I remember that.

CIMG2761 CIMG2765 CIMG2766

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In and Out

This isn’t news to anyone, but some days are just hard. Aren’t they? And “days” can in some cases even be weeks. I’m feeling the weight lately. The silliest part is, I always know what will make me feel better. And I usually know what the answers are or at least where to find the answers. It’s only a matter of following the formula. Sometimes its hard, though, to get out of the wallowing. Especially when it seems that everything keeps pushing you back down into it.

Not a pity post. It just helps sometimes to talk about it, even without actually talking about it.

Even if to nobody in particular.

Thanks cyber-space.

                                                                         That face always makes me smile.

Cheers to a better tomorrow/next week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Whirly Twirly

This past Friday, Bradford and I went to the Orem city carnival with our friends, Justin and Heather. The city park (the very park where Bradford and I had our first date over 5 1/2 years ago) was transformed with food vendors, booths selling their many wares, mini-concerts, and temporary carnival rides. All the things you’d expect to find at a carnival (though no clowns sighted, thank the lovely heavens).

After chowing down on some delicious roasted corn on the cob, teriyaki chicken, burgers, navajo tacos, and funnel cake, we decided to take our newly full tummies on some of the rides. In hindsight, that could have been disastrous. And very unpleasant. Luckily for us, and everyone else, we kept dinner down. (Sidenote- does anyone else get a teensy bit nervous about hopping onto a collapsible, transportable, ride that flips and spins every which way?)

First up was the ferris wheel. I had never been on a ferris wheel and I must say it was an enjoyable experience. Even despite the fact that Bradford thought it was fun to tip the car and nearly dump us out. Though it was mostly only scary because I was trying to also take pictures, meaning I didn’t have free hands to hold on to anything. Once I stowed the camera away (realizing he most likely wouldn’t stop) it was more exhilarating than terrifying. However, I found that my trust in him to not kill me has slightly diminished after that experience.

CIMG2772 CIMG2776 CIMG2789 CIMG2792 CIMG2793 IMAG0345

After that, the three of us watched and waited as Justin took a turn on the swings.

Next, we headed over to the Zipper. Apparently this was the ride to ride because everyone and their grandpa was in this line. Maybe not grandpas actually, since I think we were some of the oldest people in line... I guess city carnivals make a good Friday night hangout for the local middle/high schoolers.

After about an hour of waiting, with very little hope of the line getting any smaller any time soon (plus we thought everything was going to shut down before we could get on it anyway), we hopped over to the ride next to us that had no line at all and rode that instead. The Gravitron it was. You know those things that you stand against the wall and it spins really fast and you can’t move because the centrifugal force is keeping you in place? I was surprised at everyone turning themselves upside down and every which way on the wall, I could barely move my arms let alone my entire self. Also, Heather, being a responsible future mother, sat out for that ride. Sorry we abandoned you Heather, next time you’ll be right there with us!

CIMG2791 IMAG0346 CIMG2796 IMAG0354 (1)   

Thanks Justin and Heather for a fun night!

P.S. Saturday night we had a Birthday party. For me. It was 1920s themed. I don’t have any pictures yet, but stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At Long Last

Alright, I couldn't quite last a whole year before another post. At least I tried! (That sounds so much better than, "Whoops, its been almost a year and I still haven't posted a thing!"...)

On to the important matters- I've been missing the old blog and need to spend some more time here I think. I feel that documenting the small happenings in my life will help me feel less mundane and boring. So hopefully there will be more to see 'round these parts more regularly.

Also, a not-so-mundane-nor-boring-matter, I went to Italy for two weeks last month. Bliss, I tell you. Soon enough I will bombard you with all the delicious details.

Until then, here's a small sampling from the trip to tide you over:

CIMG2154 CIMG2617

CIMG2664 CIMG2418