Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Funny Face, I Love You

So here’s the thing: between me and Jarron and Olivia, our friends we went to Italy with, I have around 1600 pictures from the trip. Yowza.

As I was searching through them, trying to figure out how to best tackle posting about our vacation without overwhelmingly long, picture-logged, posts I came across a few gems and got distracted.


If none of you have ever met Bradford, these pictures will give you a good idea of the type of character he is. Golly, I love these photos.B2

In all fairness, some of these were not intentional. Some are mere bad timing in taking the pictures than purely Bradford showing his true colors.


Either way, I love them. He is such a fun-loving soul.

AND, so Bradford doesn’t feel alone in the crazy face department, here’s one of me in my ever shining loveliness:


He’s in good company I guess.



I’ll really post about Italy soon. Ish. As soon as I figure out how the heck to break it down for you.


Bradford said...

Remember when I told you yesterday that I have to take 1600 pictures to get 10 good ones? And that I have to just throw all the bad ones away? And you agreed? Is this how you throw them away? So rude. :)

toni said...

You guys are so cute together!

Alison said...

I have been reading each post as you have posted it, but I didn't realize I hadn't commented on any of them until today - shame on me! Anyway, these pictures are gorgeous! I want to see more and read all about your trip! Divide it into locations, days, whatever - just do it soon so you don't forget all the details!