Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sky is Falling

Last week, Tuesday I think it was, I walked into work and this is what I saw:


Apparently during the night, a water line burst up on the fifth floor and exploded down to each floor below on the south side of our office building. This suite is on the second floor. Our waiting room, front desk area, and two of our exams rooms were completely wrecked. And we were one of the lucky ones.

When I walked into the office I began investigating. While dodging the soggy ceiling tiles that were still dropping periodically, as well as avoiding the puddles all over the carpets,  I soon discovered that my work area, a nook near the back of the office, was virtually the only space untouched by the calamity. Rats.

I was looking forward to maybe getting out of work for a bit while the space got cleaned up. No such luck.


I did, however, get to sit all alone in the office for the rest of the week while everyone else crammed into our office on the 4th floor to continue their work. My only company was the ridiculously loud fans drying the carpet and the occasional construction worker coming to pull out the damaged ceiling tiles.

I think I may have a fungus growing in my sinuses after sitting in a damp, smelly, office all week. Maybe I’ll have a few days off work after all. Sick days anyway.


Think I can get that covered by Worker’s Comp?       


Bradford said...


Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

That is crazy! That is almost the bottom floor. I can't imagine what the 3rd and 4th floor offices look like. And it is a good thing that peak 4th floor offices aren't on that side. They were probably just barely missed! I can only imagine how upset everyone (Tim) would be if it ruined the newly remodeled upstairs! It is a definite bummer that you didn't get a couple of days off work though.

Caitlin said...

Yucky. Have fun.