Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Bradford and I have have a few unofficial traditions for this time of year. I love Halloween so IMAG0321I look forward to doing as much Halloweeny stuff as we can manage during the month.

One of our favorites, or mine at least, is pumpkin carving. Each year we go to the pumpkin patch (as mentioned in a few previous posts), pick out a pumpkin or two each, and then another night we set out and carve them. All while eating delicious treats, of course. This year we had donuts and eggnog.

We usually roast the pumpkin seeds too, and this time I think they were the best we’ve ever made. I couldn’t stop eating them. In years past I’ve been underwhelmed by them but I really enjoyed them this time. Yum.

It’s always a surprise what faces we carve. I never really know beforehand what I want mine to look like. It just comes to me as I go. You can go ahead and call me the Michelangelo of squashes.

My favorite part is setting them on the porch and lighting them.

Every year I get nervous that some hoodlum will come and smash our dear pumpkins during the night. But so far, the only time we ever had our pumpkins smashed it was by our own hands (all documented in this post from 2008)… Apparently we are the hoodlums I’ve been afraid of all this time.

Oh. We named them Humphrey and Bogart.

I can hardly wait ‘til next year’s carving session.

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Monday, October 8, 2012


Today is… Well, just one of those days.

Instead of getting into details (because it feels a bit weird to me to dive into specifics on the world wide web) and instead of speaking in abstract generics, I will just dwell on the things that have currently been golden in my life. Because there is gold.

Bradford has been one of the biggest gems. Recently and in the past 6 years that we’ve been dating. Last night I think he sensed I needed a little extra something, and rather than feeling impatient with my glumness, he asked to take me to the pumpkin patch today. Right smack dab in the middle of my work day. On a Monday. I love the pumpkin patch. Every Monday needs a time out for the pumpkin patch (or its equivalent). I think there would be less murders in the world…

IMAG0263 IMAG0268 IMAG0275 IMAG0270 IMAG0265

Even though I have a teensy (or not so teensy) bit of anxiety whenever I’m away from work during the day (since that is when everyone and their grandpa seems to need me-once I’ve stepped away from my desk), it was so good to spend a carefree couple of hours with Bradford. Just what the doctor ordered (except not the ones I work for… they kind of want me to work during work hours).

My little sisters came to visit this weekend. My mom had 4 tickets to General Conference for Sunday afternoon so she sent them out to me so me and my sisters could use them. It ended up just being Lauren and Elyse and me that went, but we managed to have fun even though we missed out on our other sisters being there with us.

IMAG0243 IMAG0240 IMAG02523 IMAG0241 IMAG0257

They drove down from Rexburg Friday night and we spent the weekend together. We ate delicious food, watched one of my favorite movies, and had an exciting 3:30 AM excursion to my work’s sample closet in our PJs (Elyse had an *almost* asthma attack and there was only one inhaler left in the whole closet! whew…). It was good having them here. Even though I was a little lonely once they drove away. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve started to appreciate my family and understand that they can be important, even the most important, people in my life.


Last week I had the opportunity of visiting with an old friend who I haven’t much talked to or seen for about 4 years. I met her babies for the first time and got to hold her four month old, darling, smiley, squishy chunk of a daughter for the entire visit (that extended into the wee hours of the morning). She fell asleep halfway through and I was more than happy to hold her sweet warm, softly snoring body in my arms.

I’m so grateful for friends that are always friends. It made me a little sad that I had failed to keep in better touch when she moved back to Oklahoma a few years ago. I was even happier, though, to find that I still have a kindred spirit in her. I love her and she is without a doubt one of the best friends I could hope for. She encompasses my favorite kind of friendship- the easy, effortless kind that is simultaneously honest and deeply soul connecting. The kind that encourages me to be myself, and allows me to be my best self, without even realizing it. The kind that makes me feel like I’m a pretty OK person after all. I needed that visit with her. IMAG0258

I am also, as always, grateful for my dad. Throughout my life he has been one of the people I admire most. Even just in talking with him for a few minutes yesterday afternoon on the phone I was reminded of what an awesome guy he is and how lucky I am to have him as my dad. Not everyone has a dad like Sir Padre and I am realizing more and more how essential that is.

The most important thing, that I realize I often take for granted, is my relationship with God. I would be so much worse off if I didn’t have that. As long as I have God I know I have everything I could need. That’s another tidbit I am learning and re-learning lately.

This has made me feel better. It is so easy for me to feel bogged down and worrisome about the stresses and complications that are guaranteed lots in life, but I know that for every bad thing there is at least one other thing that is good. I need to remember that.

That’s something I’ll work on.