Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep in Mind

I love words. Specific combinations of words, individual words, fun to say words. Some words stick out to me more than others. Some resonate with a world of meaning and seem to say more than a whole novel of words could.

It may seem strange that I like words so much. Especially since I have a hard time always finding the right ones to accurately express the thoughts and feelings rolling around in my intracranial cavity. I have often said that I don't always think in words. A lot of the time I feel that there are no words in existence to portray verbally what I experience in the recesses of my soul.

That being said, there are words I love and find endless significance in. One in particular is "Remember." I don't know exactly why this word stands out to me so much more than many others, but it has always impacted me. It carries so much within its 8 letters. Remember to wash the dishes. Remember to feed Charlie. Remember to write Grandpa. Remember that time when you literally felt your heart break? Remember what it feels like to be utterly and completely happy in the universe? Remember the feel of sand between your toes? Remember how loved you felt? Remember that everything isn't always sunshine and roses. Remember that there is a greater purpose and you are an integral part of it. Remember to stretch before a run. Remember who you are. Remember to laugh. Remember to breathe. Remember, remember.

Whenever this word is used, I know that something meaningful is going to be said. Something wonderful is going to be reminisced. Something consequential is going to be discussed. It's a powerful word. It encompasses more than just reflecting the past, it covers responsibility for the future and reminds us that we are fully equipped for it.

Even though everything there is to be remembered isn't necessarily warm and fuzzy, I feel hopefully empowered when I think on this word "remember."

And maybe that's why I like it so much.