Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Bradford and I have have a few unofficial traditions for this time of year. I love Halloween so IMAG0321I look forward to doing as much Halloweeny stuff as we can manage during the month.

One of our favorites, or mine at least, is pumpkin carving. Each year we go to the pumpkin patch (as mentioned in a few previous posts), pick out a pumpkin or two each, and then another night we set out and carve them. All while eating delicious treats, of course. This year we had donuts and eggnog.

We usually roast the pumpkin seeds too, and this time I think they were the best we’ve ever made. I couldn’t stop eating them. In years past I’ve been underwhelmed by them but I really enjoyed them this time. Yum.

It’s always a surprise what faces we carve. I never really know beforehand what I want mine to look like. It just comes to me as I go. You can go ahead and call me the Michelangelo of squashes.

My favorite part is setting them on the porch and lighting them.

Every year I get nervous that some hoodlum will come and smash our dear pumpkins during the night. But so far, the only time we ever had our pumpkins smashed it was by our own hands (all documented in this post from 2008)… Apparently we are the hoodlums I’ve been afraid of all this time.

Oh. We named them Humphrey and Bogart.

I can hardly wait ‘til next year’s carving session.

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Bradford said...

They're still there! Safe and sound. That video at the end of that old post is crazy :)

Alison said...

A fun tradition! I love the pumpkins' names.