Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At Long Last

Alright, I couldn't quite last a whole year before another post. At least I tried! (That sounds so much better than, "Whoops, its been almost a year and I still haven't posted a thing!"...)

On to the important matters- I've been missing the old blog and need to spend some more time here I think. I feel that documenting the small happenings in my life will help me feel less mundane and boring. So hopefully there will be more to see 'round these parts more regularly.

Also, a not-so-mundane-nor-boring-matter, I went to Italy for two weeks last month. Bliss, I tell you. Soon enough I will bombard you with all the delicious details.

Until then, here's a small sampling from the trip to tide you over:

CIMG2154 CIMG2617

CIMG2664 CIMG2418


Bradford said...

I'm looking forward to your blog posts about Italy :)

Alison said...

OK, I REALLY want to see more of this! It looks wonderful!