Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week Gone By

I haven't posted anything for about a week and I had another recipe test for dinner last night but part of me doesn't want this blog to become just a bunch of relatings about me trying out recipes and what I think about them... its all well and good, but, there has GOT to be something a little more blogworthy in my life than me eating dinner. So, for the sake of proving to myself that I'm not desperate and I don't have to resort to recipe analyzing just to write an entry about my life, I am not going to divulge the sub-par parmesean chicken recipe I tried (partly because it was sub-par and also because I will not be dependent on those experiences to make sure I have regular entries) and will instead write about something... else.

Its funny, I started out writing this particular entry having something somewhat in mind to write about that didn't invole a frying pan and now, after all that, all I can think about is why I didn't take the stinking foil off the chicken halfway through its baking like I'd planned... Give me a minute and I'll dig out something un-food related.

Ok, I'm going to slightly milk Bradford's most recent entry topic and tell about my own resolve to try out a new workout regimen. I have always felt the desire to be in shape but, like most people, I do well for a week or two and then for about a month I drop out of the exercise realm altogether until I catch a glimpse of my thigh in the mirror or some other body part that should not be that bulgy. Laugh all you want, I know I'm not a large person in the grand scheme of things but I am definitely not in as good of shape as I know I can and want to be. My metabolism is slowing, believe it or not friends. I am really excited to start this P90X thing. Despite the fact that it somewhat terrifies me for how intense it is, the little I have expereienced of it has proven to me that this is a no nonsense program that has every promise of helping me get and stay fit. Its going to kick my butt but I will garuntee you that while doing so it is going to make that butt come out looking better than ever.

One thing I've found that I really like about this P90X program is that it IS really hard but the Tony guy, or whatever his name is, that hosts the program really emphasizes pushing yourself and doing good reps but not overdoing it "take a break if you need to, we'll be here when you get back" is common to hear throughout the programs. I like that because I can do what I can and still have room to grow. So the program will give me something to work up to and I won't grow out of it very quickly and when I'm (cross-your-fingers) more fit and active, I can still use this program to keep challenging and toning my new bod. Hopefully it will help me create a new healthy habit that will stick with me throughout the rest of my life too. I have a feeling that I'll stick with this for longer than I've stuck with most things. Not only because I'm doing it with Bradford and accountability has an uncanny way of motivating me, but also because my hiney will be awfully glad too.


Bradford said...

Hooray for P90X! By the way, the chicken last night was delicious. Even though chicken is hard to cook, it's also hard to ruin it. Maybe it WAS as bad as you say and my taste buds are being destroyed by these protein bars and deeritos I'm eating but I doubt it ;) I'll show you how to have a progress calendar on your blog if you want.

Taffers Dawn said...

SOLD!!!! I want to have a cute butt too...hmm....that means it's goign to have to get kicked be it.
The chicken was good!

Kimberly said...

Um, can I have a cute butt? Can I have nice thighs or a waistline again? Please? :) I'm def. adding that to my new-life-in-Utah list. Love you...see you, gulp, soon!

Jak said...

Me four I want a nice butt not a big one! You so motivate me Jules!

Curtis and Courtney said...

The votes seem to be unanimous here! I'm totally motivated just from reading your blog as well. I've alredy started adding more fruits and veggies to our menu, but now I REALLY need to get back into the work out habit!

Clayton said...

I certainly don't want a cute butt. What is all this talk of the hind quarters anyway!