Monday, April 19, 2010

Time to Retire

I'm picky when it comes to purses. I have a hard time finding purses I absolutely LOVE that aren't hundreds of dollars. I'm really good at falling in love with purses, but its usually quickly crushed by shock once I turn over the price tag. I don't like expensive things. Okay, I like expensive things, but I don't like paying for expensive things, nor do I believe that those expensive things justifiably cost what their staggering price tags scream they do.

Back to the point- once upon a time I was in the market for a purse. I searched high and low and couldn't find anything I was satisfied with. My purse at the time had suffered a severe handle fracture and therefore I was in dire need of something to carry around all my chapstick and receipts and gum wrappers in (STAT!) so I decided to find a "go between" (read: a-cheapie-$6-purse-from-Ross-that-I-embellished-with-silk-flowers-I-made-into-pins-to-hide-its-plainess-so-I-had-something-to-cart-around-my-belongings-in-until-I-found-something-I-loved).
It has been 10 months and I still have my go between. Now I need a go between for my go between. I've been doing some projects for my apartment and am apparently just living up to my klutzy tendencies because I got some of the paint I was using onto my purse's flower pins. That, and the fact that the petals are starting to fray and they're looking kinda dingy anyway. *Sigh*

I guess it's time to start the purse hunt again. Wish me luck.

I also need to start looking for a new everyday coat... I just discovered a strikingly similar smudge of blue on the elbow of my current one. At least for this I have until it's winter time again.

Which by the way the weather's been lately means next week.


Kimberly said...

Well that's it then. We have a purse-shopping date. Can't wait to see you at Nordstrom Rack? Downtown SLC? You name it. I'm there. :)

Kimberly said...

P.S. Do you want me to look for a purse for you in Chicago? I'll be there this weekend and I may or may not go shopping with a dear shopping-loving friend. Just let me know what you want and I might have a chance to look...

Taffers Dawn said...

The purse is really cute!!! I like it, good job. Sorry about having to hunt again. I remember doing that with you a time or two. Darn shopping!

Courtney Rae said...

Good luck in your purse search. I generally switch it up every once in awhile with one of my older purses. If I haven't used it in awhile it's like a new purse again!

Julie said...

Yeah... I have a problem Courtney. I get rid of my old purse once I get a new one. Either because its broken beyond use from being used everyday (and was probably cheap to begin with) or I have a bingeing spree where I feel like I have too much crap laying in my closet so I get rid of everything. Includign any not currently used purses :S