Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Aboard

As mentioned before, Bradford and I bought season passes to Sundance and we have been going snowboarding about every Saturday. Its been a lot of fun and despite my many bruises and sore body parts, I've started to feel a lot more comfortable with the whole thing and I'm getting to enjoy it more and more.

The second time we went this season, I actually ended up in an ambulance... I really wasn't hurt, my pride was the most wounded thing about me, but it makes for a decent story at least. From what I hear (I don't really remember much about the 'before' part) I was doing really well and Bradford was behind me on the hill and then I caught a bad edge or dropped my edge or something, and it consequently made me lose my standing and I flew a few feet and landed on my back. Then Bradford came up to me and a skier who saw it happen came over and then they called the ski patrol (much to my dismay) and they felt my head and my neck and asked me questions and held up their fingers and then they strapped me to a stretcher and took me down the mountain. All the while I'm crying (yes crying) because I was embarrassed and I didn't think that all the attention and fuss was equal to the severity of my fall. They ended up putting me in an ambulance and checking my vitals and what not, with the motive of taking me to the ER for an MRI. I was afraid of passing out or something because I didn't want them to take me to the ER, which they were very intent on doing, and I figured I had a better chance of avoiding the trip if I was conscious. I eventually convinced them that I was fine to go, without the trip to the hospital, and since then I have been relatively crash free on the slopes!

This past Saturday we went up and it was really fun, the snow was pretty good, I hardly fell (except for getting off the lift- which is still a challenge...) and we remembered that I had my camera so we took some pictures while we were on the mountain.

Here they are!
This Saturday I'll try and get some more candid shots. Hopefully I remember.


Curtis and Courtney said...

I've never snowbaorded... or even attempted to. Looks like fun, though. Glad you got some fun photos to share as well.

giddymomof6 said...

OMGosh! You're soo cool Julie (ok so not the you almost had to go to the emergency room and everyone was making a fuus) but the snowboarding! That's awesome! I can't believe I'll be living right there soon! Eeeh! And I can't believe it has that much snow! So crazy!

bradford said...

Ju, you look so beautiful in that picture of you sitting in the snow!

I was so scared when you fell, and I'm so glad you're OK. I'd never forgive myself if I managed to kill or injure you badly.